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    Spell CANADA with Grades!!!

    Yeah, I’m actually really close. My friend in High School “suggested” it to me. (Ok, so he actually told me not to do it but gave me the idea, that’s close enough :P)

  • 1st Hour French: A
  • 2nd Hour Science: D+ (I just need an “N” for this to happen)
  • 3rd Hour History: A
  • 4th Hour Math: C
  • 5th Hour Gym: A+
  • 6th Hour English: D+
  • I’m so close!!!!!!! I just need to do worse in Science. But here’s one thing that’s pretty ironic. My Dad is actually an 8th Grade Science Teacher, at the school I go to. I won’t have him for science next year, they won’t put me in his class, I’ll have the other 8th grade science teacher. And yet, I’m terrible at science. We’re researching ways for alternative energy (Yes, I actually know what that is 8) And my suggestion was somehow get like 1000 hamsters and a lot of hamster wheels. Too bad we’re doing Solar Power instead. 😦

    But with 18 days of school left, maybe its not the best idea. But I don’t have to keep it for a long time, just like one day, and then get them back to passing again 😀

    A funny thing happened in Math a while ago. Me and some of my friends were having a “Team-Pencil-Fight” against some other guy. His response I don’t understand at all. Not to be racist, but he’s African-American, and if you see how those people sometimes act, it might make more sense. So he picks up the classroom phone. You know, the one where the receiver is on the wall, with the numbers, and the actual phone is on a cord. So anyway, he picks the phone up, turns around, and my friend tries to dial 911 into the phone. He only got the “9” and the 1st “1”, lucky for the guy on the phone. Maybe that’s what you could call a “Prank Call”…



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