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    Rainy Day…

    Well it was nice this morning, around 11:00 AM Central Time, I was playing Tennis on my Garage, skating a little, and just hanging around outside, and then i started to rain, so I came in, obviously. Now, 1 and 1/2 hours later, its still raining. My sister was on the computer all morning, and now she’s really unhappy because she can’t go outside. Ha! And get this: The Weather channel (No, I don’t watch it my parents do, like any normal parent does) says it will be raining-all weekend! So I’ve been playing Age of Empires III even since I came in. I beat the Spanish on Expert playing as the Ottoman Empire (What is now called Turkey). I’m pretty good at the game. You should get it, it really keeps you entertained. Always something to do.

    Now its not really raining, but it is wet outside everywhere. If you know anything about skateboarding, you know that water is terribly bad for skateboards. And if you have ever tried to play tennis on wet cement, its possible, but just not fun.

    There is one good thing about a rainy day though. Your parents can’t say “Scott, get off the computer and go outside“, because if you went outside you might catch hypothermia and DIE. So if they tell you to go outside on a rainy day, say that and if they’re good parents they won’t make you.

    And if it’s raining where you live, listen to Jack Johnson. For some reason, Jack Johnson is really good for a rainy day. Just try it. Or if you don’t have any of his music on your computer, click here, here, and here.

    So yeah! My friend is here, and I guess we’ll be inside while he’s here. Lesson of this post-if its nice by your house, go outside!


    P.S. Here are some Age of Empires III Game Pictures! (Not taken by me)
    Click on these images to make them bigger

    It really is a fun game, this isn’t some TV advertisement for a terrible game.


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