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    No, sadly, I’m 13 and my idiot parents still won’t buy me one, even if I help pay for it. But if you are like me and need to convince your parents to buy you one, whether you help pay for it or not, here’s some “arguing tips”.

  • Accidents happen, and everyone knows it. You usually can’t predict it, that’s why its called an accident. So say “Would you really put me at risk of not being able to contact anyone when I really need to just to save a few bucks? Is money more important to you than I am?”
  • Sometimes it won’t happen, but sometimes it will. So if you school is going on a field trip, you could lie a little and say cellphones are recommended. But then lie more and also say that parents shouldn’t give their kid their cellphone, because they don’t know when they are coming back. But then, your parents might say “Well, I’ll be at home”. Then say, “You might not be at home. Remember, accidents can’t be predicted, maybe you won’t be at home!”
  • All of my friends have one (Whether they do or not…) and they are all really mad at me for not having one because we can’t stay in touch anywhere. Maybe you could say “It would improve my social life” But then again, that’s only if you get really good grades, me saying that would make my parents laugh.
  • Think about all the advantages. It avoids buying a game system like a Nintendo DS, because a cellphone will have games on it. And that will stop the “Are we there yet?” in the car. If you don’t do that, START, obviously, and then use that. Also all the silent texting to not disturb your parents’ music. Don’t forget your own with a set of headphones, to hook up to your cellphone! (That was fun to type)
  • One more thing you really shouldn’t mention is prank calls… Call Pizza Hut, give someone a nice pizza, or just call someone and tell them they have 88 minutes to live! Don’t mention that to your parents though…
  • Maybe you can make up your own, or just comment here and leave one!

    I realize I haven’t updated the skateboarding page yet, I’m busy with TOO MUCH FREAKIN FRENCH HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, we get like 2 pages every night! Spanish would’ve been totally the better choice!!! But anyway, if you have a skateboarding video you’d like to be posted here, leave the link and I’ll post it! Really any video, but it has to be owned by you.


    That’s the day Bush is out of office! Hopefully Obama of Hillary (Whoever wins) will be able to get us out of the Iraq War.



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