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    Vietnam Project, Putting a Hermit Crab (Or Lobster) On English Teacher’s desk, and still passing math!!!!

    Yeah, in History we have to do a GIANT project regarding the Vietnam War. You have to choose a topic, interview someone somehow related to that project, and do a lot of research about it. All I’ve done is the research part and the title page, a timeline, and the interview. And still, a lot of work to do.

    Yes, I’m actually going to put either a Hermit Crab or Lobster on my english teacher’s desk because she REALLY doesn’t like me, she gave me 3 saturday schools, and 17 out of the 21 times I’ve been to ISS. ISS is like “In-School-Detention” even though its not really boring, the teacher in charge of it usually isn’t there so you can talk with other people most of the day. Its probably going to be a hermit crab because of a couple reasons:
    1. A Lobster is like $5 a pound and weigh like 4-5 pounds, and I just bought a new skateboard and like 5 CD’s so I don’t have that money.
    2. Lobsters are about 1.5 feet long
    3. If a Lobster bites you with its claw, it will bite that finger straight off your hand
    4. A Lobster is probably the last thing I want to carry around in my pocket all day…

    And its probably going to be a Hermit Crab because:
    1. Hermit Crabs don’t need to be underwater to live
    2. Hermit Crabs are small and could easily fit in the pocket of my sweatshirt
    3. They aren’t very expensive, you could get one for like $3-$5 cheaply
    4. A Hermit Crab is not dangerous (If it Bites you it doesn’t even hurt and they aren’t poisonous) and that reduces my risk of getting suspended. Even though I don’t like my english Teacher a LOT, I still don’t want to get suspended, but don’t care if I actually do get a suspension, its worth it.

    And amazingly, as bad as I am at math, I have a C! That’s passing! YAY!!! And that’s my lowest grade so this means there’s a 99% chance I’m not going to summer school! Even though my friend is going to summer school, I still don’t want to go. And he says its because his parents want him to earn high school credits (You have to earn 15 credits in High School to graduate) but I think its because his parents just don’t want him around for 6 weeks of the summer. You have to know him and then you’ll understand why…

    I’m going to start making posts more like this now


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