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    Another Rainy Day…

    God I hate rainy days all I can do is play computer games and do this and chat when my friends are on Gmail. Why does it have to rain?!?!?!?! No, wait that’s a stupid question. The trees and plants have to be watered! But then again, couldn’t we have those mini sprinklers that pop up out of nowhere and water everything at a certain time…. Automatic Sprinklers are handy!

    Now…. For a WordPress glitch! Did you fellow site owners ever notice that when you delete a word, the word counter doesn’t go down? Not a very important glitch but still….

    All I have to do now is some French Homework. Its always easy but we get homework from that class every night and that gets really annoying! But the class is really easy- the teacher has a bunch of pictures of a pen or some random object for us to identify. So I just basically sleep while the rest of the class says it all. It pretty easy and I don’t have to do anything!

    Also I just saw the great movie Ironman! It’s about this guy named Tony Stark who is the CEO of a major weapons company. He invents a destructive missile and goes to Iraq to test it on front of U.S. Army soldiers. Then, they get into Jeeps to go somewhere and are ambushed by terrorists. Tony is the only survivor. He is captured by terrorists. Find out how he escapes and watch the movie!



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