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    It’s Here!

    Tomorrow is the last day of 7th grade! YAY!!!!!! And Today we get out yearbooks 😀 and have to clean our lockers out 😦

    Anyway, the Surprise is here! Now you can chat ten times better than comment-chatting like other sites! http://xat.com/chat/room/30505105/
    BUT there are rules, as usual.

    1. Thou Shall (Ok, I’ll be serious now) No swearing. If you swear you are banned for 1 hour. If you are banned and after 1 hour, and then you come back and continue to swear, the banning will be much, much longer.
    2. If you ask to be a moderator, I will make you one. But if you abuse this privilege by banning and kicking people for no reason, you will permanently be taken off moderator status, and banned yourself, how long will be determined by how much you do it. Don’t ask to be an owner, which is for me only. Anyone who comes in will be made a member.
    3. You live in America and have the right of free speech, (That has kept me from going to ISS countless times) so you can disagree, agree, whatever, but BE NICE about everything you do.
    4. Don’t be annoying by just repeatedly doing stuff. Come on, common sense, you know a moderator or I will ban you for that.

    These are the rules. I may add more Later.



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