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    1 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is only 1 day left of schOol this year! Its going to be the most fun day ever! We actually might go to a big fire-pit place and burn homework! And I said I’m going to have a flame-thrower which I WILL! Its going to be so fun!

    Also locker clean-out REALLY sucked for me because I have SO MUCH paper in my locker i had to make like 15 trips to the garage bin to throw it all away and then i had to sort out what was trash and what was stuff-that-should-not-be-throw-away. But we got our Yearbooks and they really are better than last year in 6th Grade Elementary School! They are in Color and have all these contests like Best Dressed and Cutest Couple and Silly Goose. I didn’t have the best picture this year but it wasn’t terrible. I was surprised how different some people look (CJ/CURTIS) now. Apparently a lot can change in the course if a year…


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