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    The title of this post is because I’m actually in a Hotel Manager’s Office on their computer! They left and put a sign saying “Back in 30 Minutes” and I went in, and I have about 5 minutes left so this has to be a quick post.

    Anyway, we’re leaving in an hour after my parents are done packing and actually going to Yellowstone. Then I won’t be able to get on a computer so this is probably the last post for a while.


    One Response

    1. Yes it is true. I had a background contest. AND I AM PROUD T ANNOUNCE THE WINNER IS BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to show favoritism to 1 person but it was a great background. Please go check out the GREAT background she made for me. Congratulations to the other competitors. Please come to my blog and leave your comments on the competitors work. THank you all and remember, we all can show a little art thats inside of us. So good job to all and remember if your gonna have a contest its a good idea. I had two contests in the past and total during those days gave me 2,982 hit. SO if you are going to have a contest please let me know. I will enter. To see these great competitors work they will be on display on my gallery page: http://redcowz.wordpress.com/
      Thanks to all


      Scott: Wow, that is a really good background but I don’t have CSS (I might get it… soon) so I can’t edit that stuff. Also, do you have to have CSS to make a widget and allow others to have it on their site? I want to do that but I have no idea how. If it gave you that many hits maybe I should have a contest…

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