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    Back! (Kinda)

    Edit: I might not post for the next few days because I’m going to be really busy. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to make a really quick post. I don’t know. Also I had the idea of hosting a lottery… I will choose a number between 1-50 and you can leave a comment with the number you want. Then, after a while I will post the numbers and the winner! But, obviously there has to be some prize! You get to be an author on this site! If no one guesses the correct number, then the person who guessed closest will win. You must have a wordpress account and site to be an author but you can still enter anyway, and if you win and don’t have a wordpress account and site you can get your name on this site, and then the 2nd closest person will get to be an author, and if the 2nd closest person doesn’t have a wordpress account, then the 3rd will get to be an author and so on…… This is just an idea though, comment if you think it is a good one.

    I’m in Jackson, Wyoming right now, on my Dad’s laptop. I’m in a really nice Hotel, with a HUGE swimming pool, a skate shop about a block away, a Plasma flat-screen TV which my Mom is watching the News on right now. Something about how Oil is now $136.38 a barrel now. And gas (Somewhere) is $5.07 a gallon. Not good…. This makes me happy I’m 13 and don’t have a driver’s license yet.

    Even though I’m not back in St. Paul again, I will still be able to post. I’m going rafting, horseback riding, and some other fun stuff in the next few days. Nothing I’ve ever done before but its going to be fun!

    Yellowstone was a pretty cool place, except there is probably something you won’t even believe. 25 degrees Fahrenheit with a -10 wind-chill. All in the snow. Remember, this is JUNE. But we saw lots of wildlife! This one really stubborn buffalo was walking in the middle of the road. Now if you don’t know why its a BAD idea to try and move a buffalo, here’s why. They can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, and can charge up to 30 miles per hour. Not a fun thing to get trampled by. So we were delayed by that one buffalo for 20 minutes….. Not fun.

    I probably have around 45 emails now so I better get going on answering those.
    I might have a contest soon, but it can’t be a background contest because I don’t have CSS. I’ll find something.


    3 Responses

    1. thank you scott for clarifying that for sk8rty
      Scott777: Sure thing!

    2. So people of earth. Dont you sometimes wish that you could make a boring food look super tasty. Well if you do then you might want to click the following link because me(redcowz) has made the best post i have made so far. It is very helpful so please click the following link and check it out. Thank you!

      Scott: Wow… If you’re hungry don’t read that post yet it will make your hunger worse.

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