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    Does anyone know how…?

    Hey! Does anyone know how to get this on your site?
    No, not how to get that widget on my site, but my widget where I can share the code and let others get it on their site.

    The picture was taken from http://roboworkshop.wordpress.com and I would like to be able to basically share a widget. If anyone knows how PLEASE tell me! Thanks!



    7 Responses

    1. i made the widget. I have a link and a code. I cant get the guitar to work but it still came out great. Please tell me what you think about it on my blog. here is the code:

      here is the link:

      thanks for ordering redcowz inc.
      Scott: Hey, even without the guitar it still looks great! Thanks!

    2. hi i know ilan. I am his friend. Please visit his finished page cuz your background is there. he asks me to tell you to leave a comment on that page telling what u think. please add me to your blogroll
      Scott: I just did that, actually. I will add you to my blogroll if you add me to your blogroll.

    3. scott the widget works now. I made it linked to your blog. Just go to my blog and pick it up on the finished page. If i made any mistakes please feel free to tell me.

      Thanks for ordering redcowz inc.
      Scott: Hey, that fixes all the problems! Thanks!

    4. haha, really? weird

    5. scott can u program a chat box for me. Cuz i dont know how
      Scott: I left a comment with the link to the chatbox and some information about it on http://redcowz.wordpress.com

    6. scott orly avineri is me dude. I must know how to get chatbox
      Scott: Ok, I am on the slowest internet connection EVER right now, but I’ll try. I don’t have to program it or anything, you can make one off of xat.com. I’ll leave a comment on your site with the link.

    7. scott um i need a code for the chat box and i dont know how to get it.
      Scott: I can get you a code but I’ve tried it to get it directly on my site, it just doesn’t work. You’re better off just making a page titled “Chat” and giving the link and rules on that page, but I’ll try and get the code.

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