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    My New Site!

    Hello Everyone! I just made a new blog about Tennis! The URL is http://tennisnation.wordpress.com

    Please visit and comment!


    2 Responses

    1. i hope you like the header i made for the tennis site. I can make you a widget and avatar if you want. Just come over and order me
      Scott: I’ll order a widget, but I like my avatar… I’ll think about the avatar.

    2. Happy 4th of July from Redcowz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Please check out my 4th of July post!
      Scott: I already did! That sounds really cool being able to watch fireworks getting shot off a boat and watching from the beach! I’m going to write a 4th of July Post Tomorrow, and it is going to be a super-post because it will be longer and have cool stuff in it!

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