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    Happy 4th!!!!!!!!!! (And 2,000 Hits!!!!)

    Hey everyone! Have a happy 4th of July! And also thanks to everyone who helped me get 2,000 hits! I’m going to put my family’s American Flag out as soon as I finish writing this post. You should do that too! It’s going to be really hard going to sleep tonight, because of all the fireworks! My favorite memory is when me and my friend were 2 year younger I think and we put a big firework show on for our entire block, and then after we each put 25 sparklers in each of our hands and then made a HUGE fireball thing it was really cool! You should try that sometime but you need as many sparklers as you can get, and if you burn yourself it’s not my fault, I just suggested it to you, I didn’t tell you to do it! But anyways, what is your favorite memory?



    3 Responses

    1. congrats on your 2,000 hits!
      Scott: Thanks!

    2. Hi reader. I am having an awesome post sponsoring other blogs. If you would like to sponsor your blog on my blog please go to:


      Its really easy to do and is fun for everyone to see all your fantastic blogs.

    3. Are my blog is suck


      Pl advice
      Scott: I guess some advice to get lots of views is to post about the most interesting things. And for those, add lots of tags and categories. But don’t say your post is about something its not. Also, don’t make everything an advertisement. The point of blogging is to meet people, not to advertise something.

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