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    Stuff (yeah, like the 5th one)

    Yeah I make way too many of these posts… lol

    Sorry I haven’t posted too much…. Like I said a while ago I’ve really hit a writers block. I just don’t know what to post anymore. Maybe I’ll have a contest or something like Ilan suggested.

    Anyway My hits are going up, yes, that’s true but I haven’t gotten any comments in like 2 weeks. I guess you can’t have everything. So hey, if you can leave a comment on this post, thanks.

    Also Please check out my YouTube Channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/RamonesFan101 Thanks!



    One Response

    1. Hey Scott,

      I don’t want to advertise or anything, but I am having a header contest on my blog. I was wondering if you would like to enter?

      Scott: I would love to enter, but I’m not incredible at art plus I don’t have any good applications for making anything…. Sorry. Check some people on my blogroll I’m sure some of them would enter.

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