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    August, The Dentist, and Back to School September 2nd (I think…)

    Anyways I went to Blue Mounds State Park and went camping. It was really fun, there’s lots of bison and stuff. You can rent a kayak (Or a Canoe) and explore a stream thing which flows into a lake. I think it was $10 for half a day. There is rock climbing, a shallow beach, lots of bison, the park rangers are cool, and plus if you want there’s program things to learn about most of the stuff in the park in a fun way. One thing that happened to me probably won’t happen to you is that there was a missing cat poster in the office thing where you check in. Guess what. Me and my friend found the cat. It was an incredibly nice cat, so we found a ranger and he told us to put bring the cat to the office while he drove to the same place and told us to walk there with the cat. The ranger called the number, and the owner answered it. Everything seemed like it was going well, we would get the cat back to its owner and then go to bed. But, just as like having a C average means having the same grades as US President George Bush, there is a HUGE downside. Almost everyone hates Bush, and the owner of the cat is on her way……….. to Oregon. So we put the cat in the Woodshed where other people buy wood for their campfires because it’s illegal to bring your own firewood to a campfire because it spreads invasive bug species and stuff. So for one night and half the day the cat stayed in the Woodshed. It seems mean, and to me it was not easy. (It had water, so it wasn’t horrible, but still. I’m a cat person (Even though I still like dogs) and Here’s a pretty good explanation of one of the reasons why. Warning: Video swears a bit
    Part One
    Part Two
    After that, the cat stayed there all night, and we enjoyed the next day while one of the rangers came and is getting the cat back to the owner in Oregon. It’ll all work out, don’t worry.

    Anyways…. I had teeth pulled today 😦
    Yeah, it seems horrible. But this time it really wasn’t. Last time, I had to get 4 permanent teeth pulled because I have braces and my orthodontist says everything will get all messed up if I don’t get them pulled. This time, it was my last 2 baby teeth that were pulled. It was at a different place then last time so the procedure was really different. Listen to this song it’s cool 8) . It really didn’t hurt at all during the actual procedure. The tooth on my left was a little loose, and it came out incredibly easy. The 2nd one, well, you can guess it took 30 minutes to come out. With a baby tooth, it has roots that go into your gums, and the root dissolves and that’s how it becomes loose. The root on the left baby tooth was literally nothing, it didn’t have one. The root on the right tooth had half an inch of a root. Yes, I know, you’re probably disgusted about that, lol.

    Anyways, I go back to school on September 2nd (I think). My brother and sister are organizing lots of notebooks, folders, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, and whatever. I’m not. All I need for Junior High is a 5 Subject Notebook and a Pencil, or, a trapper keeper. A 5 subject notebook is waaaaaay easier because you don’t have to carry anything, really. I don’t even need a backpack but I bring it just because I have about 2-3 pounds of paper in there from 7th Grade and I’m not excited to sort through it all. I’ll just keep it in there lol.

    I’m gonna go watch the Olympics now…. My dad said Federer was losing but when I was watching it he was NOT!! 🙂


    2 Responses

    1. Hey i was watching that match too!

    2. Scott i know your into politics and stuff. So i just wanted to let you know that my mom made a poster for Obama and it is on her blog. Its part of a Obama fund raiser. I think you will love it so u can visit the link below to check it out. Please leave a comment on that post. here is the link:


      Thank you so much!

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