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    Another Bad Thing About The McCain Campaign

    Yup, there are probably more then you expected. John McCain’s Vice President. She has several young children, and a 17 year old pregnant daughter. How much time do you think she will have to spend on Politics?!? She certainly won’t be able to Put the Country first, like her campaign slogan says she should. This is a letter from someone who has known Sarah Palin since 1992, longer then I’ve been alive.

    Dear friends,

    So many people have asked me about what I know about Sarah Palin in the
    last 2 days that I decided to write something up . . .

    Basically, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton have only 2 things in
    common: their gender and their good looks.

    You have my permission to forward this to your friends/email contacts
    with my name and email address attached, but please do not post it on
    any websites, as there are too many kooks out there . . .


    Anne is from Wasilla, Alaska.
    (It was obviously meant to be read by everyone, plus it was already posted on the Washington Independent comments area)

    If the Vice President can’t even follow her campaign slogan, really, how good of a Vice President do you think she will be? John McCain won’t be a good president already, in my opinion. He points out that Barack Obama has voted “No” to offshore oil drilling. Just know that all the Oil in the world is like water in a bowl. Taking from the right hand side of the bowl with a cup is like drilling in Iraq. We already have the cup there, why move it? Why build Offshore Oil Drilling Platforms? Sounds Expensive to me! And whether you take the water out of the right hand side of the bowl or the left hand side of the bowl, the bowl still gets emptier. Whether you take oil from Iraq or the Ocean, the amount of oil in the world still decreases.



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    1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

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