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    More Sarah Palin Stuff

    I think it was a horrible mistake to pick Sarah Palin for the Republican Vice President Candidate.
    I think McCain only picked Palin because he would get more votes towards a woman as vice president. My friends call Sarah Palin ‘McCain’s Little Novelty Toy”
    I’m not trying t be sexist here, but just because they’re a woman doesn’t mean they are going to be good at being Vice President. I know there are plenty of women out there who are very capable of being Vice President or President, but Sarah Palin is not one of them

    Check out this Picture:                 
     Wiggles Dog Wigs is selling a Wig for pets everywhere to dress up as Sarah Palin. Soon they will start selling pet Wigs for Senators Barack Obama and John McCain as well.





    Have you ever heard that “Poli” in Latin means “Many” and “tics” are bloodsucking insects? So Politics must mean “Many Bloodsucking Insects.” Doesn’t sound too far off from what it is…. lol




    What exactly is a “Maverick?” Sarah Palin on SNL

    You hear it all the time from the GOP (GOP=Republicans) that “Me and John are the Original Mavericks”
    There are several different meanings of this word, one means an “Independent Minded Person”, one is the Name of a Nerf Gun, and earlier today, my friend said that it was a type of Airplane. Specifically a warplane. I was bored so I made this picture. Is this really what we want as president and Vice President when we’re facing several different International Problems?

    Maybe my friend is right, maybe my friend is wrong about if a Maverick is a type of plane or not, but even if he’s wrong this picture still stands its purpose.

    Anyway, Sarah Palin appeared on Saturday Night Live (She really didn’t, they just made someone look like her and made fun of her)
    Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart

    Sarah Palin Press Conference

    Sarah Palin Rap

    For the Rap Video, here are the lyrics:
    my name is sarah palin you all know me
    vice president nominee of the gop
    gonna need your vote in the next election
    can i get a ‘what what’ from the senior section
    mccain got experience, mccain got style
    but don’t let him freak you out when he tries to smile
    cause that smile be creepy
    but when i be vp
    all the leaders in the world gonna finally meet me

    how’s it go eskimo
    tell me what you know eskimo
    how you feel eskimo
    ice cold
    tell me tell me what you feel eskimo
    super cold

    i’m jeremiah wright cause tonight i’m the preacher
    i got a bookish look and you’re all hot for teacher
    todd lookin fine on his snow machine
    so hot boy gonna need a go between
    in wasilla we just chill baby chilla
    but when i see oil lets drill baby drill

    my country tis of thee
    from my porch i can see
    russia and such

    all the mavericks in the house put your hands up
    all the mavericks in the house put your hands up
    all the plumbers in the house pull your pants up
    all the plumbers in the house pull your pants up

    when i say ‘obama’ you say ‘ayers’
    obama. ayers. obama. ayers.
    i built me a bridge – it ain’t goin’ nowhere.

    mccain, palin, gonna put the nail in the coffin
    of the media elite
    she likes red meat
    shoot a mother humpin moose, eight days of the week

    [three gunshots]
    now ya dead, now ya dead,
    cause i’m an animal, and i’m bigger than you
    holdin a shotgun walk in the pub
    everybody party, we’re goin on a hunt
    la la la la la la la la
    [six gunshots]

    yo palin, i’m out

    On SNL there’s also MacGruber (It’s a joke of MacGaiver, the guy who can build a nuclear missile out of a paper clip, a pencil, and a rubber band)


    Another Poll

    This Poll is asking you what you want to see me posting here on this site, what you prefer basically.



    Poll Daddy Test: Obama or McCain?

    Just a random test to see how this works



    Answer to the Code

    Sorry it’s a little late, I woke up 15 minutes before my bus came so I didn’t have time to go online. Anyways here is the answer to the code. The leader who used this code was Julius Caesar. He would take a bunch of letters, made sure that if you added up the numbers, it equaled 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100, 121, 144, 169, 196, 225, 256, 289, 324, 361, 400 and so on. Here was the coded message: TATETBELMSHRHDHERLEGEEEPEROHHORAYUYTCAERAWINAWKLYAMENKROAL HMOSVREINOOONOEONNDFLNEMNCVTRFEESETKMHOATS

    If you looked carefully, there are exactly 100 letters in that code. So obviously the square root of 100 is 10, so here is what you do.

    You write the first 10 (or if there were 64 letters, the first 8, if there were 81 letters, the first 9, or whatever it happens to be.)
    Read it from top to bottom, left to right.

    Here is what it says:
    “The Ramones are awesome they invented Punk Rock They are number two in the rock and roll hall of fame Hey Ho Lets Go Ramones”

    It really is a brilliant way to send something. Normally you’d think that each letter stood for a number or vice versa, but it really tricks you. Now you can send messages knowing no one can read them. Also if you really don’t want to count all the letters, copy and paste the code into Microsoft Word and click “Tools” then click ‘Word Count” to see how many letters there are. Not including spaces though. I wonder if the government can decode that…….. Hmmmmm



    Guess the Code!

    While reading a Dan Brown book today (HINT) I learned about a code. I will put it in this post. Next Friday (Not tomorrow, next friday) I will post what the code means and how to solve and write codes in this format. Here is the code:


    It does mean something. I’m not making up some random letters and calling it a code. Also it isn’t a code I just made up today, it was used by one of the greatest leaders in history. Also it’s not one of those codes where 1=A, 2=B, and so on. Maybe I’ve said too much…. You’ll have to find out what it means! Also if you read this post and can’t figure out what the code means, please leave a comment so I know who tried so I can put a “Congratulations and thanks for Trying” when I post the answer next friday.

    Good Luck!