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    More Sarah Palin Stuff

    I think it was a horrible mistake to pick Sarah Palin for the Republican Vice President Candidate.
    I think McCain only picked Palin because he would get more votes towards a woman as vice president. My friends call Sarah Palin ‘McCain’s Little Novelty Toy”
    I’m not trying t be sexist here, but just because they’re a woman doesn’t mean they are going to be good at being Vice President. I know there are plenty of women out there who are very capable of being Vice President or President, but Sarah Palin is not one of them

    Check out this Picture:                 
     Wiggles Dog Wigs is selling a Wig for pets everywhere to dress up as Sarah Palin. Soon they will start selling pet Wigs for Senators Barack Obama and John McCain as well.





    Have you ever heard that “Poli” in Latin means “Many” and “tics” are bloodsucking insects? So Politics must mean “Many Bloodsucking Insects.” Doesn’t sound too far off from what it is…. lol




    2 Responses

    1. We even have a bald headed wig for Joe the Plumber! Sarah Palin emulated doggy wig is a big hit. Thanks.


      Wiggles Dog Wigs

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