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    Another Major Milestone

    Look to your left. It says “20,230 Cool People” or a number similar to that…
    I didn’t think it would take me only 7 months to reach this milestone! This site was created on May 7th, 2008 due to my boredom online and discovery of wordpress.com! When I first created this site, to be honest, I didn’t think much of it, but then I started going to it more and more and more, and it really started to grow when I posted about news and stuff. Here are my two most popular posts (By Number of Views, Not By Number of Comments or anything)
    1. Waterloo: Napoleon’s Last Battle
    2. The Secret of Stonehenge

    Thanks for everything you’ve been doing,


    An Interesting Story From 1982

    Have you ever heard of the band, The Who? Here is one of their great songs-

    The Who said that this tour in 1982 was their last, but they have done several since then. They actually did a World Tour in 2007.
    It was Autumn in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1982. The Who was nearing the end of their farewell tour (they’ve done several since) and it was a big deal at the time. Like many bands in the 80’s, the Who was ready to bypass Milwaukee. The fact that the farewell tour was sponsored by Schlitz, which was moving to Detroit, added injury to insult. A lot of fans in Milwaukee thought their hopes of seeing the Who live ever again were hopeless. In one of the more celebrated stunts in radio history, “Tim the Rock n’ Roll Animal,” a DJ from WQFM (93.3), stepped out onto the 21st story ledge of the station’s Downtown studio and vowed not to come in until The Who agreed to play a show in Milwaukee. For two weeks, the Animal broadcast from outside, urging listeners to “Honk of you love The Who” as they passed the station at 606 W. Wisconsin Ave. One day, Tim got the fateful phone call from The Who singer Roger Daltrey. The band was coming. A mail-in lottery was held for tickets.

    “In what has since come to be considered an urban legend, a true hearted DJ named Tim The Rock N Roll Animal decided he was not going to stand for it anymore. As he stepped out onto the 21st story ledge of his tiny independently owned rock radio station’s downtown penthouse, he vowed to stay out there in the cold Wisconsin fall elements until The Who would promise to add Milwaukee to it’s already planned and started American tour.”

    I guess when you hear all your teachers and posters in the classroom saying “One person CAN make a difference”, this is a story to prove it.



    Even though Barack Obama won the election, he’s not President yet. He has to wait until January 19, 2009 for his inauguration into the White House. Right now Barack Obama is not our President, he’s our President Elect. Also, when I was watching his victory speech, they’re going to take a puppy with them into the White House!

    Sasha and Malia…
    … I love you both more than you can imagine. And you have earned the new puppy that’s coming with us…
    … to the new White House.
    -Barack Obama, November 4th, 2008

    (Read the rest of the speech here)
    Here are the total electoral votes and total number of votes for each candidate- (Click to make it bigger)
    Here are what states voted for which candidate- (Click to make it bigger)

    I will change the header and take down the election status from this site (Even though I kind of still want the election to be going, but yes I am sick of all the Political Commercials) But I’m going to leave up the “I support Barack Obama” widgets on the sidebar, because now they’re just expressing my opinion about John McCain and Barack Obama, they’re not trying to convince anyone to vote for Barack.



    There’s ANOTHER reason not to Elect Sarah Palin???

    There are two guys in Canada who prank call people around the world. They prank Called Sarah Palin, and told her that one of them was the President of France. For nearly 5 minutes, Sarah Palin believed them completely. Watch the video below to hear it. This is actually a good example of Palin’s stupidity because there are several clues that tell you its fake. If you’ve ever prank called somebody, you know that the less of these “clues” you have, the more likely it is they won’t find out it is a prank call. And the fact that they gave Sarah Palin several of these and she didn’t realize it is just kind of pathetic.



    New Temporary Header

    Probably until Tuesday, this will be the new Header of https://amazingscott.wordpress.com
    I’ll order a new header on Wednesday after Election Day is over. I can’t wait until all these Political Commercials are finally gone from Television! I actually miss commercials advertising a toy or car or something, because all anyone anywhere in the US who watches TV this week will see is commercials telling them who to vote for, when I would say most people are decided on who they want to vote for, because election day is 2 days away, so what is the point of thousands of Political Commercials?



    Happy Halloween!

    Just wanted to say it before I leave in a few minutes. Me and my friend are going to hide in the bushes at his house and jump out and scare people who are Trick-Or-Treating at his house. Also, we’re going to possibly catch it on film, so I will upload it on to YouTube. Then I ‘ll put it on here to give you ideas for next Halloween……….

    Look at this Pumpkin! People can be really creative when it comes to carving a Pumpkin for Halloween. Try and be creative if you haven’t carved your pumpkin already!