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    There’s ANOTHER reason not to Elect Sarah Palin???

    There are two guys in Canada who prank call people around the world. They prank Called Sarah Palin, and told her that one of them was the President of France. For nearly 5 minutes, Sarah Palin believed them completely. Watch the video below to hear it. This is actually a good example of Palin’s stupidity because there are several clues that tell you its fake. If you’ve ever prank called somebody, you know that the less of these “clues” you have, the more likely it is they won’t find out it is a prank call. And the fact that they gave Sarah Palin several of these and she didn’t realize it is just kind of pathetic.



    2 Responses

    1. 😆 How funny!!!

      Thanks for the comment on my blog; you rock!!

    2. Hi scott.
      Made your header:

      Tell me what you think!

      Scott: Thanks! It looks great!! I’ll put it on tomorrow after election day is over.

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