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    An Interesting Story From 1982

    Have you ever heard of the band, The Who? Here is one of their great songs-

    The Who said that this tour in 1982 was their last, but they have done several since then. They actually did a World Tour in 2007.
    It was Autumn in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1982. The Who was nearing the end of their farewell tour (they’ve done several since) and it was a big deal at the time. Like many bands in the 80’s, the Who was ready to bypass Milwaukee. The fact that the farewell tour was sponsored by Schlitz, which was moving to Detroit, added injury to insult. A lot of fans in Milwaukee thought their hopes of seeing the Who live ever again were hopeless. In one of the more celebrated stunts in radio history, “Tim the Rock n’ Roll Animal,” a DJ from WQFM (93.3), stepped out onto the 21st story ledge of the station’s Downtown studio and vowed not to come in until The Who agreed to play a show in Milwaukee. For two weeks, the Animal broadcast from outside, urging listeners to “Honk of you love The Who” as they passed the station at 606 W. Wisconsin Ave. One day, Tim got the fateful phone call from The Who singer Roger Daltrey. The band was coming. A mail-in lottery was held for tickets.

    “In what has since come to be considered an urban legend, a true hearted DJ named Tim The Rock N Roll Animal decided he was not going to stand for it anymore. As he stepped out onto the 21st story ledge of his tiny independently owned rock radio station’s downtown penthouse, he vowed to stay out there in the cold Wisconsin fall elements until The Who would promise to add Milwaukee to it’s already planned and started American tour.”

    I guess when you hear all your teachers and posters in the classroom saying “One person CAN make a difference”, this is a story to prove it.



    3 Responses

    1. Um scott just wondering…how are you getting hits so rapidly… you aren’t getting many comments. Just wondering. Sorry the internet makes things sound so rude and demeaning sorry. I am just wondering.
      Scott: I know, I am not getting a lot of comments at all, but in this month of November alone (It’s the 13th now) I’ve gotten 2,188 Views. I’ve noticed this about other sites who haven’t been “growing” as fast as mine, but I think it’s because I am on search engines. You can add your blog to a search engine here – http://blogsearch.google.com/ping. The only other reason I can think of is that I post about more then what happened to me today. I did the math and so far this month I’ve been averaging 172 hits a day. If I were you, I would try posting about things you found funny, interesting, the news, your opinion on something, create a backup site about a certain subject (Sports, Music, Politics, etc.), and random things. If you’ve been reading my posts, I haven’t posted about my day since Nov. 1st. And that was only partially about my day. You’re right, the internet does make everything sounds demeaning. And believe me, all this is meant in a Positive way =]

    2. Thank you! I remember when i was teaching you and this is truly what blogging is about. Using others advice as a springboard and making people interested and excited. Thank you!
      Scott: Yeah! Now you’re getting it… It’s not all about what happens to you daily, but its more about “everything!” That would be the reason behind my catch-phrase. Also sign up for the Put-Your-Blog-On-Google list thing. I did the math again and 58% of my total views yesterday (There were 211 yesterday in total) were from a search engine. 123 views were from a search engine. Thanks for making headers and widgets for me and teaching me a bunch of stuff by the way =]

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