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    42 Inch LCD TV!!!!!

    Update: The tv also contains a Wii, guitar hero, mario cart, and 4 Wii remotes and 2 Wii steering wheels. I also got an iPod touch (which I’m on right now!)

    I’m waiting for my parents to come down on Christmas morning and while my brother and sister are waking them up, I looked at some of the presents and noticed a HUGE box! It says “LCD TV” on it, so unless this is one of my parents tricks, where they get a box for something really nice and put something else in the box, we’re getting a 42 inch LCD TV! But then again, they were talking about getting another TV because our current one isn’t that great.

    Anyways, Merry Christmas!


    Monday Update #2

    Hey Everyone!

    I heard a joke in English today. Here it is

    Laura Bush died and went to heaven. She walked around a little, and noticed a lot of clocks. She asked what the clocks were for. A saint said that every time someone lied, the clock would move one minute forward and the saints are the clocks that were still at 12:00. “Where is my husband’s clock?” asked Laura. “Oh his clock is in God’s office.” “What, is he like a Saint or something?” asked Laura. “No, God just needed a quick, cheap ceiling fan.” replied the Saint.

    Here’s another one that took me a while to get

    A man walked into a bar and said “ouch”

    Only 4 days until Winter Break Begins! When it starts, all I have to do is sit around and wait for christmas day. Then, after we open our presents and eat breakfast, and play with them a little bit, then we go to my grandparent’s house, about 2 hours northeast from where I live. My aunts and uncles, cousins, family, and grandparents are all there! My grandparents live in a very nice house. In fact, their backyard is literally the Mississippi river! If you go out their back door, walk about 100 feet, you are in the Mississippi River! This is great because in the summer we can go fishing, and in the winter, we tie sled onto the back of my grandpa’s four-wheeler and he pulls us all around in his forest-of-a-backyard (And on the river, too). And this year, my uncle is bringing his snowmobiles, and me and him always have a big race! I can’t believe this is all coming up so soon!


    Monday Update

    Update: 25,000 Hits!!! 😀
    Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone! (If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then Merry-Whatever-You-Celebrate!)

    I learned something interesting in Geography today. We are learning about Immigration to the US. We looked at some stats for 2 countries. This really shows how the US is very rich and many parts of the rest of the World are incredibly poor.

    The United States
    78 year life expectancy
    .06% of the adult population has AIDS (About 6 in 10,000 adults has AIDS)
    Average Family Annual Income= $45,000

    44.3 Year Life Expectancy
    24.4% of all population has AIDS (That’s an amazing 1 in 4 people)
    The reason it is all of the population in Zambia is because that there was a false rumor saying that if you have sex with a virgin, it will clear you from AIDS. Sadly, this only spread the disease more and didn’t work. And the younger the Virgin, the sooner AIDS would leave your body. Unfortunately, this lead to the rape of a 9 (or 6 I can’t remember) month old infant baby girl.
    Average Family Income=$200 (I make more than that annually on my allowance)

    This really shows how much Americans take stuff for granted. Another thing I learned that in the 1780s, the US had a similar position. In the 1780s, we were poor. It wasn’t until after World War 2 that we became a World Power.


    Christmas Countdown! =]

    Short Post…. I’ve made a Christmas Countdown! Click on the Christmas Tree Christmas Countdown Widget, it will take you there. I made it for US central Time, so if it seems weird and off for you, that’s why. But anyway, if you live in the US it shouldn’t be too far off…

    Merry Christmas everybody! =]

    New Page!

    Update: I added our National Anthem to the Guitar Tabs Page!

    As you may have noticed, I’ve created a new page. It is really only useful to guitarists, but even if you aren’t a guitarist, go ahead and take a look. Also, I need suggestions for some good guitar songs! So if you have any suggestions…. please leave them on that page, and then I’ll add them as soon as I write the tab! Also you do not have to be a guitarist to leave a suggested tab.


    Also Merry Christmas! 😀