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    Monday Update

    Update: 25,000 Hits!!! 😀
    Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone! (If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then Merry-Whatever-You-Celebrate!)

    I learned something interesting in Geography today. We are learning about Immigration to the US. We looked at some stats for 2 countries. This really shows how the US is very rich and many parts of the rest of the World are incredibly poor.

    The United States
    78 year life expectancy
    .06% of the adult population has AIDS (About 6 in 10,000 adults has AIDS)
    Average Family Annual Income= $45,000

    44.3 Year Life Expectancy
    24.4% of all population has AIDS (That’s an amazing 1 in 4 people)
    The reason it is all of the population in Zambia is because that there was a false rumor saying that if you have sex with a virgin, it will clear you from AIDS. Sadly, this only spread the disease more and didn’t work. And the younger the Virgin, the sooner AIDS would leave your body. Unfortunately, this lead to the rape of a 9 (or 6 I can’t remember) month old infant baby girl.
    Average Family Income=$200 (I make more than that annually on my allowance)

    This really shows how much Americans take stuff for granted. Another thing I learned that in the 1780s, the US had a similar position. In the 1780s, we were poor. It wasn’t until after World War 2 that we became a World Power.



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