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    I can’t believe its 2009! Now I’ll always mistakenly write 1/2/08 on my assignments for the first week or two…. But hey who doesn’t do that?

    Anyways there is a post on http://redcowz.wordpress.com with a list of archaic laws. Some of them are pretty funny! So here are some I found, with my comments in parenthesis)

  • In Ohio it is illegal to get a fish drunk (How would you even do that? Would a fish really just drink some Budweiser that easy so that they have to make it illegal?
  • In Nebraska it is illegal for a bartender to sell any beer unless they are continuously brewing a pot of soup. (???????)
  • In England picking up abandoned luggage is an act of terrorism. (What if you’re just returning it?)
  • In Minnesota a person may not cross state lines with a duck atop his head. (How would you get the duck to stay on your head?
  • In Texas it is illegal to shoot a buffalo from the 2nd story of a building. (What about the 3rd story?)
  • In Alamosa, Colorado it is illegal to throw missiles at a car. (lol)
  • In Boulder, Colorado, ones Llama may not graze on city property. (Are there really Llamas in Colorado?
  • In Iowa one armed Pianists must perform for free. (That’s kind of demeaning)
  • In Iowa Tanning bed facilities must warn people about the risk of getting a sunburn. (That would only be the point of a Tanning Facility)
  • In Kansas City, Missouri, Minor are not allowed to purchase Cap Pistols, but they may purchase shotguns
  • In Kansas, It is illegal to catch fish with your bare hands. (Illegal, yet impossible)
  • In Kansas, It is illegal to use a Donkey to help you hunt ducks. (What use would a donkey be in Duck Hunting?)
  • In New Mexico, Idiots may not vote. (The people who made this law must have not wanted to vote)
  • In Nevada, it is still legal to hang someone on your property for killing your dog. (I know a few dog people who would enjoy that law)
  • In Nevada it is illegal to drive a Camel on a highway (Don’t Camels live in the Middle East?)
  • In Illinois, the English language is not to be spoken. (I think they might have changed this one)
  • In Champaign, Illinois, it is illegal to urinate in your neighbor’s mouth. (Once again, the meaning of an archaic law)
  • In Chicago, Illinois, it is illegal to eat in a place that is on fire. (Do I really need a comment for this one?)
  • In Chicago, Illinois, it is illegal to give a dog whiskey. (I don’t know if the dog would want Whiskey)


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