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    Yahoo Answers

    Hey Everyone,

    I’d go with a “sorry I haven’t posted in a while” apology, but just read a few posts down and you’ll see plenty.

    I wanted to tell you about a great website, called Yahoo! Answers. It is a place where you can ask and answer questions. There are categories for everything, from religion to history to poetry. You can find very many helpful answers and questions here. The people on Yahoo Answers have saved me countless times in situations where I need help right away, like when I had a huge report due and couldn’t get my printer to work. Turns out I needed to install some software on my computer that came with the printer.

    Anyways, I highly recommend you check it out. It is not only great fun, but an awesome knowledge database! You can search through past questions.

    You can also connect with other people, update a profile, create an avatar, have an email address, and much more! This is all possible through a Yahoo! account. Go to http://yahoo.com to sign up for one.

    The link is http://answers.yahoo.com


    Why giant corporations aren’t “evil”

    A lot of people lately think that giant corporations are evil and made up of terrible people who are greedy liars and that small businesses are good and honest and are far better. I’m here to tell you you’re completely wrong.

    I’m gonna tell you a made-up story, but it is similar to what probably happened. The setting is 20 years ago in a small town in arkansas. There are 4 department stores in town. One called Wal-Mart, the others department store #1, #2, and #3. They were all pretty good department stores, but the store called Wal-Mart had better customer service, sold better quality products, and so people shopped there a lot more than at department stores #1, #2, and #3. Over time, Wal-Mart accumulated so much money that they opened another store, and another, and another. Now, in 2009, they are a giant corporation with hundreds of stores. People who don’t know this story just assume that Wal-mart is evil and the smaller department stores are much better. Well, 20 years ago, Wal-Mart started off just like the other department stores, but was the best department store there was in the area back then. So then they expanded and got to be a big corporation. They didn’t start off huge, they started off just like the other department stores and because they had better customer service and sold better quality products, they are the huge mega-chain of department stores they are today.

    Understand yet? Corporations aren’t evil!

    My second story also takes place 20 years ago in 1989, but in Seattle. There is a store called Starbucks, and Coffee Store #1, #2, and #3. The 4 coffee stores were all very small and only had 1 store, but Starbucks made a better cup of coffee than the other coffee stores, and then made enough money to expand. The only reason they are a huge chain of coffee stores now is that they made a better cup of coffee 20 years ago. They started off the same as the other coffee stores, but they got to be the best by making the best coffee, its simple.

    So now hopefully you see that small businesses aren’t always the best. Also, larger corporations employ way more people, offer better deals on lots of products, which is always good in a bad economy like this. Also, they offer better healthcare than most small businesses can afford. Larger corporations also circulate more money through the economy, and also give back more taxes to the government, which comes right back to spend on you.

    Corporations are not evil!



    Update: I am planning to change a big idea of this site. I don’t skate as much anymore (I still do though) but I have played Tennis since I was 11 or 12 (One of the two) and I’m pretty good. So expect a new header soon.

    Hey everyone! Sorry there hasn’t been a post in a few days, I’ve been pretty busy and stuff. So for now… I decided not to do the lottery because I want this blog to myself. No, that’s not being selfish because you can just go create one yourself for free.

    Now, for something…. “unusual”? I’ve decided I don’t want this blog to be one of those blogs that have 25 pages. Even though I only have 4 (I count the main page as a page too because it is. So I’m going to have the rest of the skateboarding page in a post (This post actually) so its not completely gone from this site. So enjoy the page here.

    Here is the awesome skateboard I have:

    Here’s some skateboarding help, if you need it.
    How to Ollie: (Regular Footed)
    1. Put your right foot on the tail of the board
    2. Put your left foot in the middle of the board
    3. This is what I didn’t get at first- step down as hard as you possibly can with your left foot, sometimes it helps to crouch down so you can touch the cement you are on.
    4. Then, after you pop it, slide your left foot up the board with the left side of your left foot. Not the bottom of your left foot, the left side.
    5. Then, just come back down! Congratulations, you can ollie!
    What it will Look Like:

    How to Kickturn: (Regular Footed)
    This is vital to skateboarding, and its pretty easy.
    1. Press down with your right foot, not as hard as an ollie, in fact, not very hard at all.
    2. Then, while the tail (The back) of the board is still in the air, swing with your left foot, but still on the board.
    3. Congratulations! You can kickturn!
    What it will look like:

    Kickflip: (Regular Footed)
    This is a hard trick. You have to be able to ollie really high to do this, like 5-7″
    1. Start with an ollie
    2. But while you are in the air, flick the board with your left foot to make it spin underneath you in the air. Now you see why you have to ollie very high!
    What it will look like:

    Casper:(Regular Footed)
    1. Turn the board upside-down
    2. Put your right foot on top of the tail
    3. Put your left foot about 2 inches left from the bolts nearest to your right foot
    4. Swing around and stay in that position
    5. Flip the Board over and land on it
    What it will look like:

    Pogo: (Regular Footed)
    1. Stand the board straight-up on its tail (Or Nose)
    2. Put your right foot on the bottom trucks
    3. Put your left foot on the nose (Or Tail) on the other side of the board
    4. Balance, and start hopping! This takes a little practice to get your balance right though.
    Unlike the picture, you can have your hands on the top trucks, that is someone who is very good at the Pogo.
    What it will look like:

    A good Skate Tutorial

    Rodney Mullen Video

    Help with Ramps…. Something I need

    I’m going to delete the page, so just view this post instead.



    Back! (Kinda)

    Edit: I might not post for the next few days because I’m going to be really busy. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to make a really quick post. I don’t know. Also I had the idea of hosting a lottery… I will choose a number between 1-50 and you can leave a comment with the number you want. Then, after a while I will post the numbers and the winner! But, obviously there has to be some prize! You get to be an author on this site! If no one guesses the correct number, then the person who guessed closest will win. You must have a wordpress account and site to be an author but you can still enter anyway, and if you win and don’t have a wordpress account and site you can get your name on this site, and then the 2nd closest person will get to be an author, and if the 2nd closest person doesn’t have a wordpress account, then the 3rd will get to be an author and so on…… This is just an idea though, comment if you think it is a good one.

    I’m in Jackson, Wyoming right now, on my Dad’s laptop. I’m in a really nice Hotel, with a HUGE swimming pool, a skate shop about a block away, a Plasma flat-screen TV which my Mom is watching the News on right now. Something about how Oil is now $136.38 a barrel now. And gas (Somewhere) is $5.07 a gallon. Not good…. This makes me happy I’m 13 and don’t have a driver’s license yet.

    Even though I’m not back in St. Paul again, I will still be able to post. I’m going rafting, horseback riding, and some other fun stuff in the next few days. Nothing I’ve ever done before but its going to be fun!

    Yellowstone was a pretty cool place, except there is probably something you won’t even believe. 25 degrees Fahrenheit with a -10 wind-chill. All in the snow. Remember, this is JUNE. But we saw lots of wildlife! This one really stubborn buffalo was walking in the middle of the road. Now if you don’t know why its a BAD idea to try and move a buffalo, here’s why. They can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, and can charge up to 30 miles per hour. Not a fun thing to get trampled by. So we were delayed by that one buffalo for 20 minutes….. Not fun.

    I probably have around 45 emails now so I better get going on answering those.
    I might have a contest soon, but it can’t be a background contest because I don’t have CSS. I’ll find something.



    The title of this post is because I’m actually in a Hotel Manager’s Office on their computer! They left and put a sign saying “Back in 30 Minutes” and I went in, and I have about 5 minutes left so this has to be a quick post.

    Anyway, we’re leaving in an hour after my parents are done packing and actually going to Yellowstone. Then I won’t be able to get on a computer so this is probably the last post for a while.



    Summer is finally here! One thing that surprised me is that the 1st day of summer is pretty boring so far because its been cloudy and gloomy all day. But I’m going to Yellowstone tomorrow so don’t expect any posts until around the 20th of June.

    I know, not very much to post because nothing happened today.


    1 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is only 1 day left of schOol this year! Its going to be the most fun day ever! We actually might go to a big fire-pit place and burn homework! And I said I’m going to have a flame-thrower which I WILL! Its going to be so fun!

    Also locker clean-out REALLY sucked for me because I have SO MUCH paper in my locker i had to make like 15 trips to the garage bin to throw it all away and then i had to sort out what was trash and what was stuff-that-should-not-be-throw-away. But we got our Yearbooks and they really are better than last year in 6th Grade Elementary School! They are in Color and have all these contests like Best Dressed and Cutest Couple and Silly Goose. I didn’t have the best picture this year but it wasn’t terrible. I was surprised how different some people look (CJ/CURTIS) now. Apparently a lot can change in the course if a year…