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    Guitar Tabs

    This page will be updated over time.
    If you have any recommendations for a good guitar song, comment here and I’ll put one up here for you as soon as I can. These take a while to find, edit, and write, so be patient!
    Also, please excuse my messy-ness in these tabs. I’m making them as neat as I can, its not easy.


    A tab for guitar has 6 horizontal lines, each one representing a string of the instrument. The bottom line of the staff represents your lowest “E” string, the second line from the bottom represents your “A” string, etc. Easy enough to read, right?
    Notice that there are numbers located smack dab in the middle of the lines (aka strings). The numbers simply represent the fret the tab is telling you to play.

    Note: When the number “0” is used in a tab, this indicates that the open string should be played.

    Example- This is telling you to play 3rd string, 7th fret, then a D chord.


    If there is nothing on the tab vertical with a chord, then don’t play those strings. For example, you would only play the D, G, B, and E strings (1st string) (Where there are fret Numbers) on the D chord tab up above. And for the 3rd string 7th fret, you would not play any other string besides the 3rd string.


    The song repeats two more times.
    This song is a very easy beginner song because it only involves 4 chords, close to each other, and in the exact same form.


    Note: In this song, there are no chords. If it looks like a chord, once again, please excuse my messy-ness.

    For this song, when you see a “/\” in between to fret numbers, that’s a full bend. For beginning Guitarists, this is where you push the sting up (or down, whichever you prefer) to make a different noise, and its the same note. It just makes some thing sound cooler. You play the note normally, then bend it on the second one.

    Remember: “0” means you play the open string


    If there are any mistakes in this tab, please let me know

    A good Holiday Song, and very easy to play!


    8 Responses

    1. Cool! Me will do this on my Guitar! 😉 Lolz

    2. I bought this guitar not too long ago because I loved the sleek look of it. It reminded me a lot of Vortex’s guitar (from Dimmu Borgir). I read most the reviews on here before and most of them commented about how uncomfortable it was playing with this sitting down. It’s really not at all that uncomfortable. It has a really grungy sound too it, absolutely perfect for rock n roll or general metal. The finish was well done on this guitar and everything on it was in perfect condition, I could not find a single thing wrong with it. I found it very easy to play and it seems excellent on beginners. Combined with a Spider Line 6 app, it’s absolutely perfect. It’s pretty light compared to my other guitars as well (mainly cause it’s made out of basswood).

    3. more impressive if you played it by yourself aka without the audio.

    4. this isnt wrong; but this is like, the acoustic smooth non-rock version..

    5. excuse me, i�m new playing guitar, and I think that you�re a good �teacher�, but, i really don�t now (in any guide) what strings i have to �play� (sorry for my bad english cuti can�t expess myself very well). Thank you.
      Scott: The strings go from bottom (6) to top (1), so you will play the 1st string 5th fret if it looks like this: —5—

    6. i have the blood red model and it’s wonderful i recommend swapping out the tuners but otherwise they are pretty solid guitars i left the factory pickups in they are fine for wat i play i use a 15 watt crate amp and a digitech rp500 multi effects processor and all 3 go together really good

    7. I dig the tone, the shape, I find myself able to play faster than before (good action)

    8. Substantially, the post is actually the best on this worthy topic. I agree with your views and look forward to your future posts. I’m signing up to your rss feed to stay abreast of any updates. Insightful work and much success with your blog!

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