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    Wow! That’s a lot of views. When I started this tiny blog back in May 2008 out of pure boredom, I honestly never thought I’d get this far. But, as you see to your left, I did. There are a few people I’d like to thank…

    -Ilan. (http://redcowz.wordpress.com) He makes amazing headers and graphic stuff for me and the rest of the world, he finds time to post everyday (Which if you look back on my blog, I have not managed to do recently) What I think is most impressive about his blog are how is posts that he makes every single day are all very unique, informative, and gets the point through very fast. His blog is just a fun one overall, go visit it, there’s something new every day!

    -Wordpress. I don’t believe I have to explain ‘why’ as much as I will on other acknowledgments, because without them I wouldn’t even have a blog in the first place, nor will I have met any of the people I’ve met.

    -Everyone who has ever visited this site from the day it was created and today (And anyone who will stumble upon this blog in the future, too 😀 ) If only 39,999 people had visited this blog I wouldn’t be writing this. THANK YOU.




    On Saturday, my friend called me and said he has 2 extra tickets to a Minnesota Swarm Lacrosse Game at the Excel Energy Center in downtown Minneapolis (The city right next to St. Paul, if you don’t know your geography). All I knew about Lacrosse was that you have sticks with nets on the end of them and you throw a ball around. I went to the game, it was absolutely hilarious! The goalie was wearing 5 feet of pads, and looked like the Michelin man (You know, the white-inflatable guy from the Michelin tire commercials?) and the rest of the guys wore pads and helmets, just like the Goalie. (Not as many pads though, they have to run). During the game, the hilarious announcer did a bunch of funny things. First, he put the camera on a million random people. Then, he called some teenager up to the announcer box, and put his camera on him. His shirt said “JG Whore” or something like that. He gave the guy a piece of paper, and told him to cover up the “Whore” part of it. The whole stadium was laughing and the teenager probably felt really embarrassed, but hey, it was funny. Then, they invited everyone to get a free Minnesota Swarm lacrosse ball in the 4th quarter. A Lacrosse ball is like a rubber billiard ball! It’s rock solid! I had always thought they used something like a Tennis Ball.

    In hockey, if you charge up to another player and slam him on the head with your stick, you’ll get a penalty. In Lacrosse, that’s what you’re supposed to do to get the ball! Lacrosse makes hockey seem like a bunch of 2nd graders having tea at an imaginary tea party in their backyard. It looked really fun, so I’d like to go to another game and get some lacrosse sticks.

    Lacrosse looks really fun and hopefully I’ll get to go to another Lacrosse game soon, and hopefully I’ll get some some Lacrosse sticks for my birthday on February 25th.

    The National Lacrosse League’s (NLL) website is http://nll.com


    The Rocker on DVD!

    Way back in August, a movie came out called The Rocker. It was HILARIOUS! Me and my friend went to see it.

    It comes out on DVD tomorrow! 😀
    I’m going to buy it on iTunes, and I recommend that you do as well. It is honestly worth the money. Rainn Wilson (Dwight from the Office) does a really great and funny job in the movie. At first, he is in an 80’s hair band, but the rest of his band replaces him with another drummer to get a record deal. Then, he promises he will become more famous than them. 20 years later, after he hasn’t forgotten about his promise for a second, and he isn’t as famous as them. In fact, he’s a normal person. But when he gets a chance to join his high school nephew’s band, he does, and takes them for the ride of their life. It is absolutely hilarious to see someone who would have been cool in the 80’s be in a band with some normal high school kids! I can’t wait until tommorow!


    No School Today!

    No, it isn’t a snow day, It is pretty annoying how all the 7th graders think there will be a snow day when I’ve never had a snow day in my life, not to mention just 8th grade. Its some staff development day or something.

    Anyways, tomorrow I’m going downhill skiing, then going to a party. Next week is conferences…. 😦

    In other news, according to Homer Simpson, “Well I did bring this envelope full of money…. and nowadays betting in a bar is safer than any real-estate, stock, or mutual fund investment…”

    The quote is actually pretty true if you think about it.


    3 Day Weekend!

    Hey Everyone! There is a 3 day weekend and I’m super happy about it! Sorry I haven’t posted since the 4th, I’ve been buried in homework 😦 I have science fair, a stupid english project, math, french, and history day.(History Day is like Science fair but with History)

    Next week is going to rock! There is no school on monday, there is school on tuesday and wednesday, on thursday our entire school gets to go to either an Arcade with laser Tag, Snow Tubing, or roller-skating. I’m going snow tubing. Pretty much its mostly the 8th graders going for snow tubing and the 7th graders going to the arcade. And then we don”t have school friday because its some teacher thing day. So yeah, its going to be a pretty awesome week!

    Check out my new blog http://travianguide.wordpress.com if you haven’t already. It needs more views so I’m going to be advertising it quite a bit.


    30,000 Hits!

    Update: I made a new blog- http://travianguide.wordpress.com
    Hello and Thank you for visiting this site!

    I can’t write much now because I have to go to school.

    So anyways a huge Thank-You goes to anyone who has visited this site, between May 7th, 2008, and today!

    I don’t know how I can thank you enough! Thank you!


    Browser Game Review

    Yesterday, while on Yahoo Answers I saw an ad for Travian, and it said “Build your own Village”. Being bored out of my mind, I clicked on it. It brought me to http://travian.com. It looked somewhat interesting, so I signed up. It was a lot more fun and addicting than I realized!
    You get to chose a Tribe, Romans, Gauls, or Teutons, create a Village, build stuff in it, and build stuff outside of your city limits to gather resources. There are about 150,000 registered players, with about 120,000 of them active. It is a very social and strategical game, with most of the players adults. A good thing about it is that it is very simple, no complicated graphics, so it won’t take forever to load. Also don’t be tricked by the friendly looking characters, it is a very challenging game to win.
    Gameplay is based on simply a few short visits each day, basically a few minutes every couple of hours. It is definitely a waiting game, you get a number of resources per hour, it takes a while to build stuff, and it tells you when your new building will be done, and when you will have enough resources to build another building.

    I recommend this game. It is free, and that never hurts! You can register at http://travian.com.