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    Even though Barack Obama won the election, he’s not President yet. He has to wait until January 19, 2009 for his inauguration into the White House. Right now Barack Obama is not our President, he’s our President Elect. Also, when I was watching his victory speech, they’re going to take a puppy with them into the White House!

    Sasha and Malia…
    … I love you both more than you can imagine. And you have earned the new puppy that’s coming with us…
    … to the new White House.
    -Barack Obama, November 4th, 2008

    (Read the rest of the speech here)
    Here are the total electoral votes and total number of votes for each candidate- (Click to make it bigger)
    Here are what states voted for which candidate- (Click to make it bigger)

    I will change the header and take down the election status from this site (Even though I kind of still want the election to be going, but yes I am sick of all the Political Commercials) But I’m going to leave up the “I support Barack Obama” widgets on the sidebar, because now they’re just expressing my opinion about John McCain and Barack Obama, they’re not trying to convince anyone to vote for Barack.



    There’s ANOTHER reason not to Elect Sarah Palin???

    There are two guys in Canada who prank call people around the world. They prank Called Sarah Palin, and told her that one of them was the President of France. For nearly 5 minutes, Sarah Palin believed them completely. Watch the video below to hear it. This is actually a good example of Palin’s stupidity because there are several clues that tell you its fake. If you’ve ever prank called somebody, you know that the less of these “clues” you have, the more likely it is they won’t find out it is a prank call. And the fact that they gave Sarah Palin several of these and she didn’t realize it is just kind of pathetic.


    More Sarah Palin Stuff

    I think it was a horrible mistake to pick Sarah Palin for the Republican Vice President Candidate.
    I think McCain only picked Palin because he would get more votes towards a woman as vice president. My friends call Sarah Palin ‘McCain’s Little Novelty Toy”
    I’m not trying t be sexist here, but just because they’re a woman doesn’t mean they are going to be good at being Vice President. I know there are plenty of women out there who are very capable of being Vice President or President, but Sarah Palin is not one of them

    Check out this Picture:                 
     Wiggles Dog Wigs is selling a Wig for pets everywhere to dress up as Sarah Palin. Soon they will start selling pet Wigs for Senators Barack Obama and John McCain as well.





    Have you ever heard that “Poli” in Latin means “Many” and “tics” are bloodsucking insects? So Politics must mean “Many Bloodsucking Insects.” Doesn’t sound too far off from what it is…. lol



    What exactly is a “Maverick?” Sarah Palin on SNL

    You hear it all the time from the GOP (GOP=Republicans) that “Me and John are the Original Mavericks”
    There are several different meanings of this word, one means an “Independent Minded Person”, one is the Name of a Nerf Gun, and earlier today, my friend said that it was a type of Airplane. Specifically a warplane. I was bored so I made this picture. Is this really what we want as president and Vice President when we’re facing several different International Problems?

    Maybe my friend is right, maybe my friend is wrong about if a Maverick is a type of plane or not, but even if he’s wrong this picture still stands its purpose.

    Anyway, Sarah Palin appeared on Saturday Night Live (She really didn’t, they just made someone look like her and made fun of her)
    Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart

    Sarah Palin Press Conference

    Sarah Palin Rap

    For the Rap Video, here are the lyrics:
    my name is sarah palin you all know me
    vice president nominee of the gop
    gonna need your vote in the next election
    can i get a ‘what what’ from the senior section
    mccain got experience, mccain got style
    but don’t let him freak you out when he tries to smile
    cause that smile be creepy
    but when i be vp
    all the leaders in the world gonna finally meet me

    how’s it go eskimo
    tell me what you know eskimo
    how you feel eskimo
    ice cold
    tell me tell me what you feel eskimo
    super cold

    i’m jeremiah wright cause tonight i’m the preacher
    i got a bookish look and you’re all hot for teacher
    todd lookin fine on his snow machine
    so hot boy gonna need a go between
    in wasilla we just chill baby chilla
    but when i see oil lets drill baby drill

    my country tis of thee
    from my porch i can see
    russia and such

    all the mavericks in the house put your hands up
    all the mavericks in the house put your hands up
    all the plumbers in the house pull your pants up
    all the plumbers in the house pull your pants up

    when i say ‘obama’ you say ‘ayers’
    obama. ayers. obama. ayers.
    i built me a bridge – it ain’t goin’ nowhere.

    mccain, palin, gonna put the nail in the coffin
    of the media elite
    she likes red meat
    shoot a mother humpin moose, eight days of the week

    [three gunshots]
    now ya dead, now ya dead,
    cause i’m an animal, and i’m bigger than you
    holdin a shotgun walk in the pub
    everybody party, we’re goin on a hunt
    la la la la la la la la
    [six gunshots]

    yo palin, i’m out

    On SNL there’s also MacGruber (It’s a joke of MacGaiver, the guy who can build a nuclear missile out of a paper clip, a pencil, and a rubber band)


    Poll Daddy Test: Obama or McCain?

    Just a random test to see how this works


    700 Billion Dollar Crisis, McCain thinks Economy is Strong

    Update:McCain almost always has agreed with President Bush. Electing John McCain is re-electing George Bush! And We all know how that will turn out! Here’s a CNN article to prove it!
    Before you read this article from the St. Paul Pioneer Press, read this Quote:

    “The Fundamentals of our Economy are Strong.” — John McCain, September 15, 2008

    WASHINGTON — The Bush administration and Congress anxiously revived negotiations Friday on a $700 billion financial bailout, one day after the largest bank collapse in U.S. history provided a brutal reminder of the risks of failure.

    “I’m convinced that by Sunday we will have an agreement that people can understand on this bill,” predicted Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank, a key Democrat in eight days of up-and-down talks designed to stave off an economic crisis.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi added that “progress is being made,” although neither she nor Frank divulged details at a late-afternoon news conference in the Capitol.

    They spoke a few hours after President Bush prodded lawmakers to “rise to the occasion” _ and quickly.

    In one small sign of progress, House Republicans dispatched their second-ranking leader, Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri, to join the talks after their objections to an emerging compromise had brought negotiations to a standstill the day before. They also demanded “serious consideration” for a plan of their own, involving less government intrusion and lower cost to the taxpayers than the $700 billion that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has been seeking.

    The legislation the administration is promoting would allow the government to buy bad mortgages and other sour assets held by investors, most of them financial companies. That should make those companies more inclined to lend and
    Click Here!
    lift a major weight off the national economy that is already sputtering. But a significant number of lawmakers, including many House conservatives, say they’re against such heavy federal intervention.

    Under their plan, the government would insure the distressed securities rather than buy them. Tax breaks would provide additional incentives to invest.

    Democrats and administration officials said the insurance proposal was acceptable as an option, but not as a replacement for the administration’s more sweeping approach.

    Presidential politics weighed heavily and unpredictably on the election-season effort to stave off a full-blown economic crisis.

    After announcing earlier in the week he would suspend his campaign and return to the capital until there was an agreement, Republican John McCain abruptly reversed course and departed for Friday night’s debate with Democratic rival Barack Obama.

    “Now that Sen. McCain is safely in Mississippi we can get back to serious work,” sniped Frank, who had challenged the Republican presidential candidate in a White House meeting on Thursday to describe his own solution to the crisis.

    There were fresh signs of urgency at both the White House and the Capitol, one day after the unusually tempestuous White House session and the collapse of Washington Mutual, the largest failure in U.S. banking history. The Seattle-based institution had invested heavily in the now-moribund mortgage market.

    Bush made his brief remarks in hopes of projecting calm for the financial markets. And the Dow Jones industrials rose 121 points for the day as investors anticipated a weekend agreement.

    In days of negotiations, the administration has accepted demands from lawmakers to give Congress considerable authority to oversee the bailout. Additionally, Paulson relented to requests to limit the severance packages that corporate executives can receive from firms benefiting from the government bailout.

    Also, rather than provide $700 billion upfront, as Paulson initially requested, Congress would approve the funds in stages. Under one approach, $250 billion would be made available at once, with the president able to certify the need for an additional $100 billion on his own authority. The final $350 billion would become available with a second presidential certification, although this time Congress would have authority to block it.

    Any compromise is also expected to require the government to obtain partial ownership of any company it invests in.

    Democrats, too, signaled they were considering jettisoning some of their own priorities.

    Frank indicated they might ultimately drop a requirement that a portion of any profits from the rescue be funneled to a fund to build housing for low-income people. That mandate, deeply unpopular with Republicans, “is not an essential,” Frank said.

    Additionally, Obama said earlier in the week he hoped Democrats would not press a proposal giving bankruptcy judges the power to ease mortgage terms for homeowners.

    Beyond the specifics of any legislation lie political calculations in the shadow of hard-fought presidential and congressional campaigns.

    While Democrats control a majority of both the House and Senate, their leaders have made it clear they will not force their rank-and-file to vote without Republican support on a bailout advanced by an unpopular president on an unwilling public.

    In an Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll, only 30 percent of those surveyed expressed support for Bush’s package. An additional 45 percent were opposed, with 25 percent undecided. The survey was conducted Sept. 25 and had a margin of error or 3.8 percent. It was conducted over the Internet by Knowledge Networks, which initially contacted people using traditional telephone polling methods and followed with online interviews.

    Aides to lawmakers in both parties say telephone calls from constituents are running heavily against the bailout _ in some cases nearly 100-1 against, making the vote a potentially tricky one for a candidate in a competitive race.

    Ironically, though, many House conservatives who are most opposed to the measure are in safe seats, thus free to resist the daily calls for action _ and the warnings from Bush and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke that a recession looms without a bailout.

    “Our goal here in attempting to come to an agreement is to do our best to protect American taxpayers,” said Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio, after a closed-door meeting other GOP lawmakers.

    Inside the meeting, Boehner received a standing ovation from fellow Republicans, some of whom expressed anger that Bush and his administration had effectively shut them out of negotiations and tried to force them to support an unpopular bill.

    “He got a standing ovation because he stood up to the president and Paulson,” said Rep. Ray LaHood, R-Ill. “Now we’re a part of the game.”

    Said Boehner, speaking of the White House meeting: “If they thought they were rolling me, they were kidding themselves.”

    And after all this, McCain is that blind about our economic crisis? Honestly people, for a while he wasn’t even sure if he was going to even show up for the Presidential Debate tonight!


    Monday Morning

    Well they day everyone dreads is here! Lol, its 6:39 AM at my house, and My bus comes to my stop at 7:25. Sorry there hasn’t been a post since the 13th, I actually have homework every night this year! Other people who are in 7th Grade are lucky I think. They don’t have as much homework and stuff gets a lot harder in 8th Grade then you’d think it does. Check out http://electoral-vote.com every day. It shows whether Obama or McCain is winning the total electoral college votes, and who is winning each vote. Right now, Minnesota is 48% Obama, and 46% McCain. So Minnesota is barely Democrat.