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    Just a little update about what’s going on. School is crazy this year! On the bus on the way home the back of the bus had a paper-ball war with 2 people in the middle. I was in the very back seat, and the person in the middle had horrible aim, and her targets were right in front of me. Yup, I got hit at least 10,000 times. There were literally hundreds of the paper balls on the floor. I feel really sorry for whoever has to clean that up. Even though I didn’t throw any. I think our bus driver must have not been paying attention to us at all is she didn’t notice all that….

    I think either my favorite class is health, Geography or Science. Health, because we don’t do anything, Geography because there are friends in that class and lunch is in the middle of Geography, and because I already know everyone in science from last year or before that.


    P.S. For a view of who is winning the current election, check out http://electoral-vote.com. This site is updated Daily.


    Why Grades DON’T Matter as much as You Think They Do

    Maybe a better title is “Schools don’t teach kids what they need to know”, but I won’t change it…

    Yeah, I know what you’re all thinking… “What a stupid 7th grader! He should know that Grades come before anything! If he gets bad Grades, he’ll get a bad job and basically fail life and have no money when he’s older!”
    My plan is to join the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard. (I haven’t decided yet, but for now, we’ll just say its the Coast Guard)
    But I can’t enlist until I’m 18, so I’m going to work somewhere like in a retail store before that. And I’m not even allowed to move out until I’m 18, so between the time I can get a job and when I move out of my parents house. So lets just say I will work at American Eagle or Aeropostale, my favorite clothing stores.
    You don’t have to be a nerd to work there, although it would help to get good grades. But, they don’t teach you how to sell stuff in Junior High, they don’t teach you how to use a cash register.
    So, lets skip that part of my life for now.
    Onward to the Coast Guard!
    Obviously, you don’t have to be a genius to get into the Coast Guard. I bet they will know that learning CPR and flying a helicopter are not required in school. So they won’t care if my grades aren’t good. (Maybe CPR is learned in Gym Class, but I never learned it in Gym so lets say its not, they didn’t teach it in my Gym Class). I don’t mean that straight N’s will get you anywhere, (Because they won’t) but I usually get C’s and B’s. They will teach me how to fly a helicopter, they will teach me CPR (If I already knew it (which I don’t) they will either teach me it or review it), they won’t care about algebraic equations, they won’t care if I can name the presidents or not, they won’t care if I can say everything in French, they would want me to rescue english speakers while I’m speaking English to them anyway.

    Same with the Army. Because they obviously teach you how to Fire an M-16 in Science, maybe Grades do matter! (If you’re a complete idiot and believe they are actually teaching us how to Fire an M-16 now, you should be back in school, and I was being sarcastic obviously).

    Maybe you don’t see my point, maybe you do. Parents probably want their children to get good grades so they can get a good job and NOT join the Military, but hey! When I’m 18 I’m a legal adult, and my parents then can only make recommendations, they can’t tell me if I’m going to join the Military or not. Parents just don’t want their son or daughter to be injured.

    So maybe you see my point, maybe you don’t. Everyone thinks grades matter more than anything, but if you choose a future at all similar to mine, Grades may still matter, but not as much. I’m not telling everyone you should just not care at all about Grades, they are a little important, just not the most important thing now! Probably the most important thing now is getting good at a sport or something. So you have a fallback if you don’t get into the Military because of the PHYSICAL test, not a “How smart are you” Test. The test is if you are strong enough, how good your eyesight it, how good your hearing is, stuff like that which won’t involve naming the presidents.


    Disagree or Agree! Whichever, comment your opinion!