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    Tomorrow, on February 25th, I’m turning 14. I got a $50 bill from my grandparents on my dad’s side (Thank you! 😀 ) And soon I’ll have enough to get the electric guitar I wanted. Also hopefully I’ll get a Lacrosse Stick so I can play around with that for a while and maybe join a youth lacrosse league sometime with my friend who also wants to try it.

    In other news, the Minnesota Vikings are planning to build a new stadium. The main goal of it is to boost Minnesota’s economy. It will create 8,000 jobs and bring in $32 million a year. The Minnesota Twins and the University of Minnesota Gophers are also building new stadiums in the few years to come, and those will probably have similar effects.

    Unfortunately I am sick today. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better than today.



    I’m Sick :(

    I’m terribly sick…. and its not fun. I can’t go anywhere or do anything. So keep checking back on this site there’s probably going to be like 5 posts today. I wish I had gotten sick during the week because then I could’ve done what I normally would want to do during school, but unless it’s REALLY nice outside, I’m staying inside watching TV and playing Age of Empires III and Civilization IV. And to make things worse I have to stay inside for the 3 day weekend instead of the 2 day one! Its saturday morning when I’m writing this.

    Also there’s 10 of the button things at the top of my WordPress New Post Dashboard, so I’m experimenting with all those today. The one big thing I want to do is change the color of my text, but I have no idea how. If you know, please tell me, because I’m just going to look in the WordPress FAQ’s or email them. I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!

    Maybe I could go to a really good coffee shop 2 blocks away from my house, or have someone go there for me and get me something because they make really good hot chocolate. Or I could just make some right now…

    It sounds weird (Especially from me) but why does this have to be the weekend where I have absolutely no homework? Even if it’s homework and I know if you’re still in Grade School, Junior High, or High School, it’s still something to do. Normally I would never say something like that though.

    Scott777, keep checking back for the other 4 posts