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    Short Post

    Well I have about 3 minutes to write this all (Time allowed for posting something changes a LOT on vacation) so I’m just going to write about that me and my family are doing today. We’re about to go Horseback Riding. I think I’ve done it once or twice before but that was a long time ago so this will be interesting.

    About the lottery thing… I’ll start it when I get back to my house but remember, the only way you can be an author on this site is if you already have a wordpress account. You can still enter if you don’t have an account, and your name will be posted here, but then the next closest person will get to be an author.

    I’ll post more tonight


    Back! (Kinda)

    Edit: I might not post for the next few days because I’m going to be really busy. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to make a really quick post. I don’t know. Also I had the idea of hosting a lottery… I will choose a number between 1-50 and you can leave a comment with the number you want. Then, after a while I will post the numbers and the winner! But, obviously there has to be some prize! You get to be an author on this site! If no one guesses the correct number, then the person who guessed closest will win. You must have a wordpress account and site to be an author but you can still enter anyway, and if you win and don’t have a wordpress account and site you can get your name on this site, and then the 2nd closest person will get to be an author, and if the 2nd closest person doesn’t have a wordpress account, then the 3rd will get to be an author and so on…… This is just an idea though, comment if you think it is a good one.

    I’m in Jackson, Wyoming right now, on my Dad’s laptop. I’m in a really nice Hotel, with a HUGE swimming pool, a skate shop about a block away, a Plasma flat-screen TV which my Mom is watching the News on right now. Something about how Oil is now $136.38 a barrel now. And gas (Somewhere) is $5.07 a gallon. Not good…. This makes me happy I’m 13 and don’t have a driver’s license yet.

    Even though I’m not back in St. Paul again, I will still be able to post. I’m going rafting, horseback riding, and some other fun stuff in the next few days. Nothing I’ve ever done before but its going to be fun!

    Yellowstone was a pretty cool place, except there is probably something you won’t even believe. 25 degrees Fahrenheit with a -10 wind-chill. All in the snow. Remember, this is JUNE. But we saw lots of wildlife! This one really stubborn buffalo was walking in the middle of the road. Now if you don’t know why its a BAD idea to try and move a buffalo, here’s why. They can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, and can charge up to 30 miles per hour. Not a fun thing to get trampled by. So we were delayed by that one buffalo for 20 minutes….. Not fun.

    I probably have around 45 emails now so I better get going on answering those.
    I might have a contest soon, but it can’t be a background contest because I don’t have CSS. I’ll find something.


    The title of this post is because I’m actually in a Hotel Manager’s Office on their computer! They left and put a sign saying “Back in 30 Minutes” and I went in, and I have about 5 minutes left so this has to be a quick post.

    Anyway, we’re leaving in an hour after my parents are done packing and actually going to Yellowstone. Then I won’t be able to get on a computer so this is probably the last post for a while.

    3 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah! There are only 3 days left before summer vacation! And then I get to go to Yellowstone. But this week is going to be a really fun week! Because there is a party like every day! But our science final is on the last day of school, I don’t even know how that is going to work! I don’t even think it can affect my science grade…

    And then I get to be an 8th Grader! And play all these pranks and jokes on the new 7th Graders 😈 Lol……. Jk……. Not Really…. Yeah I’ve been thinking of doing so many things, do you have any ideas? Please comment here! Nothing that will get me suspended though.

    Also! There is a huge surprise coming tomorrow….. That not many other sites like this have….. I’ll reveal it tomorrow morning, and then post it after school! Or I might post it before school…. depending on how many comments there are… THAT AREN’T SPAM!!!!!



    I’m going to be at Yellowstone from June 7-June 20. Maybe the 21st, depending on how long it takes us to drive back. I will obviously not be able to access internet then, so don’t freak out because there won’t be any posts. I just bought 5 CDs today and put them all on my iPod so I hope that will keep me entertained during the trip. The only bad part is that we have to drive… From St. Paul Minnesota to Wyoming/Idaho/Montana (I don’t know which part we will be in and it covers part of all those states). Long drive 😦 A good part is that I get to go with my cousins and grandparents. And they are cool people!!

    Anyways…. Thursday is the last day of school! And then my parents are going to show a movie on the back of our garage like they do about every week in the summer! Only 4 days left! I’m so happy this week is going to be a blast! Plus I don’t have guitar practice or anything! This is going to be the best week ever! Although Guitar Practice is fun its always nice to have a break. What are you doing for the greatest week of the year? Comment on this post!


    Funny Pictures

    Because I learned how to make it like a book and have text on one side and a picture on the other and that’s cool kinda!

    I wonder what he is shooting at? Maybe he has an owner he just doesn’t like.










    Peter is more “special” than you think! And I really don’t know what else to type about this image so I’m just going to keep typing for no particular reason!











    Here’s a fact you might not know…

    In Junior High, what were the 2 main languages? Spanish and French. (Or at least it is for me)

    There were probably more people in Spanish, because at my school there are 2 Spanish Teachers and 1 French Teacher. There are more Spanish Speaking People, but there are more countries where French is one of the official language. That means if you like to Travel you should learn French! Plus there’s Paris for everyone…


    Here are some hilarious Dane Cook Videos that swear a lot

    The BK Lounge-Burger King

    Dane Cook-Monopoly


    Happy Mothers Day!

    The day to honor Mothers is here! Well my mom is still in bed, and its 9:19 AM Central Time. My dad is making his special popover thing. (Its really good, I can post the recipe later even though I’m not much of a chef) Hopefully I won’t have to go to church today, I really don’t like it. I’m not calling you stupid or criticizing you if you go to church, but what is so special about a 60 year old man in a dress talking about what happened in the Middle East 2000 years ago? Just my opinion…

    If you already have AOE3 (Age of Empires III, the game I suggested in my last post) here’s something cool you can do. Its more of a strategy though. It does not work in a heavily naval map, only where your enemy’s town center (Their base that you want to destroy) is very close. To do this, here’s what you have to understand: In AOE3, there are 5 ages. (The Discovery Age, the Colonial Age, the Fortress Age, the Industrial Age, and the Imperial age. The Discovery age is around the year 1700 and the Imperial Age is about the year of the American Civil war, 1860-1865). So in the Discovery age, all you can really do is explore, and build stuff like a dock, a livestock feeder place, an outpost (Defensive Automatic Tower with a Cannon) but you need 800 food to get to the colonial age. In the Colonial Age, you can train/build soldiers. If you can discover the enemy’s town center in the Discovery age (They won’t attack you in the Discovery Age) then before the enemy gets to the colonial age, you send your men to destroy their town! It works, but you don’t get to the end of the game, where fighting is really fun because you have all these cannons, upgraded soldiers, calvary, giant warships and a lot more stuff! You can probably find some game-play on YouTube of the game.

    We’re going to Yellowstone this summer with my cousins! I’ll post more later because I really don’t know any details about it yet.

    Obama vs. Hillary…
    Black vs. White…
    Man vs. Woman…
    Yeah, there obviously are a lot of differences, so it will be interesting to find out who wins. But 1-20-09 will be when I will probably throw a party at my house! Because that’s George Bush’s LAST day in office! Yay!!! I’m so happy because we all know Bush sucks!!! He’s a terrible president, he started the Iraq War, and a lot more terrible stuff! So my new solution to any problem whatsoever, is, “I blame the Government (Which means George Bush)”-Scott777
    And there is evidence Hillary Clinton is racist! Click Here and Here. That’s why I support Obama, even if I’m white, I don’t want a racist country, I don’t want another CIVIL WAR.