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    Before I start to rant on about some random topic that comes into my head as I’m writing this post, I’m going to thank everyone who has visited this blog. EVER. 50,000 views is the biggest accomplishment you’ve helped me reach so far, but definitely not the last. I remember being happy about 1000 hits. That was 49,000 views ago! Thank you EVERYONE.

    I got my cellphone by the way, it’s pretty nice. It’s a Samsung Gravity.
    It slides out and has a keyboard, but can also text using the number keyboard like all you flip-phone users have to do. It also has a camera, which has come in handy today since I was in the Smoky Mountains (A National park inside the Appalachian Mountains. (The mountain range on the east coast, if you don’t know your US geography) Anyways I’m on Spring Break, which is why I’m all the way down here in North Carolina. The people down here are nice and have incredibly thick southern accents. Some people’s accents are even more southern than the movies. I like North Carolina so far, it’s a good place. I just ate at one of the best Italian restaurants in the United States, and its right next to my hotel. Tomorrow we’re going to Charleston, South Carolina. I heard that it’s a great city. I’m excited.

    See? I told you I’d start ranting on about stuff.



    Hey everyone just an update I’m going to be gone from this saturday (8-16)until next saturday (8-16). I will not have any access to any computer or internet 😦 But I get to go Horseback riding and sailing and shoot shotguns and .22s and more fun stuff like that! Bye! Also for people who read this post WAAAY later then they need to, this is in 2008 8)

    Short Post

    Well I have about 3 minutes to write this all (Time allowed for posting something changes a LOT on vacation) so I’m just going to write about that me and my family are doing today. We’re about to go Horseback Riding. I think I’ve done it once or twice before but that was a long time ago so this will be interesting.

    About the lottery thing… I’ll start it when I get back to my house but remember, the only way you can be an author on this site is if you already have a wordpress account. You can still enter if you don’t have an account, and your name will be posted here, but then the next closest person will get to be an author.

    I’ll post more tonight